1. I'm super grateful for my job and that we will be open for the first football game on Friday night. Crazy. We having been waiting for this huge event, and we could still use some time, but we are getting it done. It is super fast paced for me as I lead all the training meetings this week before they use the facility.

2. Walking speed was cut short today when my earbud batteries died. While I love the wireless ones, that's the one downside. Podcast today was Paula Pant. But the weather was on point today - clear skies, full sunshine, and a slight autumn brisk.

3. Popcorn was on overdrive. I had some for breakfast (on the drive to work) and for post lunch snack.

4. I am very grateful for advanced western medicine. I know I complain endlessly about the medical system, and don't get my started on the insurance portion, but I am truly grateful for the healthcare that is available in this country. Most of the world does not have this luxury of easy to access, superior medical care.

5. I had a beautiful run this evening. I'm glad I run alone, so nobody can really see how slowly I jog. It was a beautiful evening.