It usually doesn't get this bad; but I'm human too.

I love eating healthy, I really do. Eating protein and veggies makes me feel so good. I crave good food because it just makes me feel good. I love working out and it's an easy daily habit for me because I just enjoy the grind and I enjoy the sweaty feelings.

But this weekend was different and I wasn't my usual self. Heavy squats last week left me feeling a little broken. Broken is my way of saying that my back and hips got pulled slightly out of alignment and I feel a dull pain in my core, hips, butt, and quads. It's nothing new and could be fixed by an array of things: rest, stretching, rolling out, chiropractic care, or just working through it. I've never found the one right answer for a fix, or the way to avoid the problem. Anyway, this round led me to taking a break from the gym and going on more walks.

During the gym break, I found myself face first in a bag of potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. That led to a binge of sampling every snack food I could find. I finished the weekend on a high note while downing a pint of ice cream (cashew milk ice cream, but so what).

Here's what I've noticed about myself while eating freely. I felt lethargic and lazy, and I was just kind of down and moody. I just wanted to zone out and not be present and not do anything. I hated the way my bloated thighs felt, and my hands got swollen and uncomfortable. I already wear the bloat of an 8 month pregnant lady, so I didn't appreciate the extra. I noticed that my face skin got a little blotchy and red. Mostly, I didn't like the way I felt when I ate sugar and snacks.

What works for me is good wholesome meals of protein and veggies. I don't find it difficult or restrictive because I enjoy eating these foods. I deliberately choose them for the way they make me feel. This past weekend, I chose ice cream and chocolate, and I regret those decisions because it didn't make me feel my finest.