When we have the opportunity to housesit at the most beautiful beach house, we make the most of it and spend all the hours of the day relaxing in the house. It is good to recharge ourselves from a busy work week and take some time away from the frigid house renovation project.

There is just something so refreshing about being home all day with my sweetie. We didn't do much or have anything on the agenda. I spent most of my time of the computer writing and reading about home improvement, and specifically powder post beetles. Tim watched the football games and even a couple of HGTV shows. I cooked a great big mid-afternoon meal and we just enjoyed the time with each other. While I love the feeling of productivity, it's okay to lounge around and accomplish absolutely nothing.

When I have a long stretch of time at home, I feel that I have the perfect opportunity to craft the most informative and creative blog posts. But when I sit down to the keyboard, the flow stops and my creative brain freezes. Instead, I only write the boring, static details of the day. It's like my mind got stage fright. I can easily dream up content that I want to express, but the pen to the paper renders fruitless. Now, I feel like I'm just blabbing along, writing meaningless words to fill the page. I enjoy writing and documenting my life, so I won't stop any time soon. Maybe I need to give myself a little grace and just be proud of what arises from my creative (or lack of) expressions.

The beach house is the perfect place to use the nice, Sony A6000 camera. Tim took some awesome photos of me and my belly, and I'll share more of them later this week.