It's so exciting that my friends are having babies all around the same time. Rithy is having a girl due March 22, and today we celebrated her! She had a beautiful baby shower at her house in Bellevue, filled with so many friends and family, and complete with so much food and the cutest rosette almond cake. It was boys and girls and lots of kids, and Maddie helped give me baby boy suggestions like Bacon and WaWa. We watched Rithy open all her presents playing baby bingo, and measured her baby belly for a prize.

This is such a huge turn in our lives. It seems like everyone has babies and kids, and now we are part of the movement and regular conversation of bottles and diapers. I always envisioned myself having kids, but I never pictured the details of pregnancy and such. Sometimes it feels so surreal living with a little baby kicking around inside of me, and crazy to think that this little human is making his debut in five weeks. I don't know what to expect, and I know I can't prepare. But I am as ready as ever, and plan to roll with the punches and the lack and sleep. Good thing I have the best supportive husband, we are so excited!