I have started wrestling with the meaning of my blog. I love journaling and recording the days of my life, but sometimes I start to produce meaningless posts that don't have much content. It feels like I am pushing something out there just to keep up with my daily system, instead of writing meaningful words with beautiful pictures that capture the intent of what I want to share.

I want this to be a home blog, and I want to share all about our house renovation, our family and new baby addition coming soon, our real estate business, and everything that happens in our home. I do want to share my life, but I don't want it to be a forced, daily scratch pad.

I know that I do this for me, not so much for the audience or to see how many followers I have. I write and curate content because it gives me joy. I am the audience. I want to be able to go back and scroll through my blog and be proud of the content and the life it portrays. And maybe other people will enjoy the ride too.

I just need to figure out the best system for me and the best format that makes a blog that I am most proud of. I want to highlight the Fidalgo Fixer and our home and family. Let's see where this goes.