We are going to have a baby in 5 weeks. Maybe 6 weeks. You just can't plan for these types of events, and that fact drives me crazy. I like a plan and I like to be prepared, but I hear there is no way to prepare yourself for the miracle of birth.

I've been reading books, but at the same time I don't want to know too much, because that will just fill my head with all sorts of expectations and ideas. I'm the girl who doesn't want to know the CrossFit workout any earlier than the moment I'm about the start. I am going to have to endure the process, and I don't want to give myself the opportunity to fret and stress about it for any length of time before.

I just can't wrap my head around the whole idea of birth and what it's going to look like having a baby. My life is going to change so much. We are ready as much as we can be, but I am just scared of the unknown. People give birth and raise babies every single day, so I know that I am fully capable. I am excited and now slightly anxious for the time to be here. Stewing and stressing about it will get me nowhere, I just need to get going and I'll success at this new motherhood thing.