The first week of 2017 is down, and we are finally making progress on the house. The electrician started this week, and we have our plumber, we just need to get him scheduled. I had a bunch of sub walks with HVAC guys for the new furnace, and we already have our insulation guy. I also found a great handyman to help us with the rough and finish carpentry.

The framing is still a beautiful mess. Man, this house is so odd and so many incomplete framing members. We need to reframe all the windows, and have already fixed so many doorways and weird walls. The flooring is also a hodgepodge of so many different layers of wood, vinyl, particleboard underlayment and more. We need to get down to the solid car decking wood and get it level from there.

The foundation has been giving me the most grief lately. I've called in three different foundation specialists. Everyone agrees that is doesn't look good under there with all the failing piers, the crawlspace is tight at 18" and it could be improved, and the floors are sloping 4" from the front of the house to the back. The first guy hasn't come back with a bid yet, but I think for around $50,000 he can install 25 new 2'x2' concrete footers with rebar and install some steel piers and new beams along the length of the house. He would also jack up the back side of the foundation wall. I loved the second guys bid of $0 because he doesn't see that they could actually do anything for us. The foundation wall is in so many different sections because of the all the additions, and he thinks that the house is secure on the concrete foundation walls. The third guys suggest the same thing as guy number one, but with 2'x2' gravel rock pads with steel piers. He suggested 36 of the babies with new beams along the length of the house too. For $36,000, he claims that he can support the foundation, but he won't be able to level out the floors.

We are not reselling the house any time soon, and we plan to keep it as a rental investment after living here for a while. We don't need to bring the foundation up to 2017 code or anything extravagant, and there really is no value in spending so much money on the foundation. It's not going going to fall over, and fixing the foundation is not going to give us more rental income.

This morning my superintendent came over to get a good look at it. He also mentioned all the piecy-ness of the home and agreed that the house was build unlevel, and that fixing it might actually created more problems and damage. It has settled; the additions are built and the framing is set. We can do our own improvements to the piers that are under there, add some more, and fix the ones that are in place. We don't need to fix the uneven floors, but just support the home with some more wood piers set on concrete pavers. My dad has a 20 ton jack, Tim has the gumption, and I think we can do it ourselves. It is nice to hear from an unbiased guy that our house is fine and that we can do some improvements to the foundation ourselves.

So time to get all the subs scheduled and in the house working and getting stuff done. I am trying to be patient, but I know it is going to be a long process. After living so transitional for most of my adult life, I am so excited to have a place to call home.