Yesterday I had a fun Instagram post with ten fun facts about myself. I am going to add on and do an additional five here. Enjoy!

1. My husband and I fell in love watching sunsets. While we were just friends, I had this goal to see and document 30 sunsets. He accompanied me and it became the perfect opportunity to become friends on fire.

2. On my bucket list is to live in New York City for a month. Over a college summer break, my family was at a family reunion in New Jersey. I had the opportunity to go into the city with my family, but my sister and I got into a huge fight and didn't want to spend an entire day with her. I've been to upstate New York dozens of times, just never the city. I really want to see how 8.5 million people live in such an urban area.

3. My favorite magazine is Sunset. All the dreamy pictures of travel and home and food just take me away. When I was a kid, I used to spend my afternoons at the public library and read magazines. Now I'm a fanatic blog reader, but those public libraries are still a treasure.

4. I love taking walks and exploring neighborhoods. During my lunch, I always take a walk and listen to a podcast. It is so fun to look at houses and find new things. The other day I found a neighbor giving away apples. and then stumbled upon a cute little nursery.

5. I don't mean to be negative, but I hate traffic. I know that nobody enjoys traffic, but the idea of cars stacked up on the highway stresses me out beyond belief, and I have to plan my life around the avoidance of traffic. Just keep me away and I'll be cool. Living rural definitely has its perks!