October 1, 2016 marks the first day of the #juliejournals gratitude journal. Everyday I am going to write down five things I am thankful for. Some days might include more content, stories, and pictures than others, but everyday I will have a list documenting the five best things that happened.

1. Early morning coffee date with my love to visit the new Cuppa coffee shop at the C-Squared market, a new extension to the Skagit Food Co-op. It's such a cool/trendy looking shop!

2. I spent $9.60 on picture frames today at Bargains Galore thrift shop. New project in the works. I am so thankful for a thrift store that doesn't smell all stale and old.

3. Naps. I don't usually take naps, but when I naturally wake up too early on the weekends, an afternoon nap is in order. And today's bonus was falling asleep snuggled up to Tim.

4. Tacos. Good tacos. We went to a real "hole in the wall" Mexican joint down the street. It's inside a gas station, sort of ghetto, cheap, and really good.

5. Fall farm trips that are a mere 10 minutes from our house. Gordon Skagit Farm is just over on McLean road on the west side of town. The displays of pumpkins all around the grounds and in the barns were beautiful. There were painting done by the owner himself, and everything was just an artistic display of flowers and exhibit of autumn pumpkins and gourds. We even watch a blacksmith demo. We walked away with four beautiful, hand-crafted black iron coat hooks and seven pounds of honeycrisp apples.