I love that my husband works just 5 minutes from me. I get to bring him coffee, see him at lunch, and one time he brought me an entire breakfast meal from Dad’s Diner just because I was craving something hearty. Today was extra fun because we had a lovely lunch date at the nicest restaurant, A-Town Bistro. I’ve been longing to go for lunch because that’s the only time they serve fish and chips. I already know their hand cut fries are to die for, but I also love a soft, steaming fish in a light breading. This one hit the right spot. Tim got the boar burger, cooked medium rare and eaten in less than 30 seconds.

Dates are an important part of relationships because they carve out a special time for just the two of you. After a long week, we had uninterrupted time to talk face to face, discuss a potential real estate deal, and really listen to the details of his new job. Dates are just plain romantic. Even though it was lunch time, he looked so good in the soft glow of the dim restaurant.

What are your next date plans with your spouse or significant other? It’s doesn’t have to be fancy or anything out of the ordinary, it just has to be planned and intentional. Maybe do the same date activity at a different time. Try a breakfast and then a matinee. Let me know your creative date idea!