This is our first major home renovation project, so we made sure to spend a lot of time meeting with subcontractors and learning about the scopes of work. Hiring the right sub is so important. We don't have solid relationships with trades in this area yet, so I had to bring out multiple subs to get bids and get familiar with the good players in town. It took a lot of time, but we found some of the best subs.

Our electrician and plumber were fabulous. They were so great to work with and offered suggestions that made the space better. They informed us with every issue or item, and we stayed in the know the entire time. They were courteous and professional, and we were very lucky to have scheduled such great people.

The electrician came in and did his work first (which is backwards, you want the hard plumbing pipes in the walls before the flexible wires), and he was so helpful with design. He was recommended from another general contractor, and the name dropping was probably the only way we were able to book him.

The plumber was just a local guy I found from searching the internet, but we were so happy with his service and his crews. They were quick and efficient and didn't cut any corners.

Then we got a carpenter to come in to do some framing work. Totally backwards in progress, he should have been first. The framer had to cut some electrical and plumbing to get the right amount of studs in the walls. We had to reframe all the windows because the headers were not big enough, and framed in a larger window for the new placement of the kitchen sink.

Now everything is in the walls, and the walls are structurally strong, we are ready for insulation and drywall. We passed the city inspection for "cover" and are ready to move forward.